• peterclarke79

Business Development Manager - Waste & Recycling

Here we have a Sales Manager within the recycling sector offering over 10 years experience.

  • Sales Manager with 10 years experience in both B2B and B2C sales.

  • Creating innovative sales strategies and CRM implementation.

  • A clear and logical communicator, able to establish a rapport with both clients and colleagues.

  • Extensive Knowledge of GDPR guidelines.

  • Track record in sales in the following industries, Marketing, Web Development, IT Tech, Environmental Waste and Recycling.

  • Experience selling to global markets, from the USA to the UAE.

Career Highlights

❖ Managing over 200 individual High Value Advertising campaigns via B2B.

❖ Introducing sales strategies to various advertising partners.

❖ Analysing feedback from our clients to produce projection results for


❖ Developed complaints procedures for all clients.

❖ Hiring new starters.

❖ Investigate any incoming

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